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Special Occasions

Whether for yourself or as a gift to compliment a special occasion by travelling in style and comfort with your very own VIP service and courtesy.

We compliment many special occasions such as: 

  • A day at the races.

  • A sporting event.

  • An evening at the theater.

  • Afternoon tea.

  • Birthday or anniversary.

Add a little extra sparkle with options of refreshments, flowers or chocolates to add to your experience (extra charges may apply).

"I have known CPW Chauffeur Services since January 2016, during that time CPW Chauffeur Services has taken me around the country on many different trips all of which have been a huge success. The most challenging of these trips was from Edinburgh down to Norfolk after a day's shooting, which CPW Chauffeur Services performed without fault. 

CPW Chauffeur Services has always had the highest standards and has offered and excellent level of driving whether it be on-road or off-road and has shown real resilience on the longer journey especially after a long day's shooting. 

As I have already mentioned CPW Chauffeur Services has the highest level of standards and this high level of quality continues to his efficiency as a Loader and with shoot protocol, his background in the Police forces has meant that CPW Chauffeur Services has an extremely good understand of the safe that goes along with a day's shooting.

A final note that CPW Chauffeur Services is extremely polite, sociable and is very capable of interacting with other guests with easy. He is also very flexible which is ideal especially when you're getting a little carried away, and is also very happy to go the extra mile. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with CPW Chauffeur Services and I would high recommend them to anyone. A real 5* service all round."

"All our vehicles are licensed with the local authority as executive private hire vehicles and fully insured with public liability."

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